Wayne arrived in A Company in July of 1969 and died on October 4, 1969 when a bunker
he was helping to tear down caved in. The pictures on this page were provided by
Tracy Elkins, daughter-in-law of Wayne R Elkins Sr.

     Wayne R Elkins Sr

This is a search patrol led by Lt. D. McConville in late August or early September
walking southwest of camp (Reil-Davis) toward the mountain range. The previous
evening’s incoming mortar rounds (coming from the mountain range) stopped short
of the compound. We believe the guy on the left of the path is Gordon. Walking on
the path is George C. Davenport.

Hootch found up in the hills during the search patrol.

Bridge #27 work site on QL-21 west of camp.

Bridge #27 work site, different angle, on QL-21 west of camp.

Behind the Montagnard village north across QL-21 where we got water for showers

Hootch located behind Khanh Duong village with the low foothills in the background.

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