by Tony Durbin

For those of you who left before Sunday night, you missed a strange sight. The remaining couples began a weird transformation. It all started after dinner in the Hotel Restaurant. Several slipped down to the Ice Cream Shop for a scoop or two of the delicious treat in hopes of cooling down. But it didn't help. In fact, the more they ate, the hotter they got. Delirium set in. They began to act silly and the laughter became contagious. Soon all seven couples were infected. The couples started melting.

Two of the first to go were the Acostas from Vegas. These hardy Westerners are used to triple digit temperatures, but not triple digit humidity. And it sure was humid. If it's possible to have a humidity factor of over 100%, it was that night.

Next to fall victim and begin melting were the New Yorkers. The Mottas and Kissners from up North are accustomed to both cold and heat but not that much heat, especially with the humidity. They would have prefered a couple feet of snow.

The Midwesterns, the Wears, Ebbings and Durbins didn't fair any better. From the "Show Me State" of Missouri and the "Land of Lincoln" state of Illinois, weather of this sort is common place. As a matter of fact, it changes constantly. But even they couldn't tolerate the heat and humidity anymore. It were if as though, Jefferson Davis was getting revenge on those "Lincoln Lovers."

We all knew we were in "deep doo doo" when the Beavers succumbed to the weather. These gracious Southerns from Alabama are used to the steamy weather in the South. But it got even too steamy for them as well. Even our host & hostess began melting.

They say a picture is worth five thousand words. Check out the pictures.


Vince & Gail Acosta from Vegas


Tommy & Eleanor Motta from New York


Red & Rosalie Kissner from New York


Bob & Maria Wear from Missouri


Jerry & Diane Ebbing from Illinois


Tony & Norma Durbin from Illinois


Don & Laverne Beavers from Alabama

By Monday morning, even the youngsters, the Durbin's daughter and son-in-law began to suffer a meltdown. We knew it was time to go home. But not without one more "hug & kiss" from great friends. Just think, the next reunion will be in Charleston, South Carolina where the weather will be perfect in the spring and fall. But isn't that Hurricane Territory?


Allen & Elizabeth Durbin Cravens from Illinois

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